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Plants Strange and Terrible

Here is a unique plant in our universe, but the shape looks so unique, even creepy at all impolite (if seen by a man who is full of imagination ... a dirty mind ....)

1. Bleeding Tooth Fungus (Mushrooms Bloody Teeth)

This plant is also called the strawberries and cream, juice red teeth, and tooth devil. such as blood sweat right?

This plant can be eaten. if you are in the woods and was imagining the fresh ice cream please lick ...

2. Chinese Black Batflowers (Black Bat Flower China)

hanging fruit of this plant look like bats sleep upside down, as pictured here

and here...

Oh, sorry the last one is an actual bat.

3. Doll's Eye (Eye Dolls)

also called "white Baneberry."

4. Sea Anemone Mushroom / Octopus Stinkhorn (Fungi Shock Horn Octopus)

Originally from Australia

Once the plants mature, they "explode" a terrible red tentacles and remove odor to attract flies, which then swallows its victims into "Gleba" and digest.

5. Devil's Claw

The plant is from Arizona, where they were used by Native Americans for basket weaving

6. Porcupine Tomato

This comes from Madagascar

Apart from the sharp and poisonous, Porcupine Tomato is potentially invasive species, because it's hard to die, even in drought.

This plant spreads rapidly, and can reach a height of 8 meters, a width of 8 meters in a relatively short time.

7. Cedar-Apple Rust Fungus

CARF is a fungal infection that attacks cedar trees and fungus balls globular apel.Ini generate anywhere from inches 1/4 to 2 inches in diameter and a bag "spore horns" when the weather is wet, turn it into a Koosh ball from hell.

8. Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand citrus fruit that is popular in China and Japan for strong fragrance.

9. Chinese Fleeceflower
The Chinese use this plant in their traditional medicine for kidney health, strong bones and hair restoration, and as a mild laxative.
According to traditional Chinese herbalists, this plant is a remedy for everything from high cholesterol to issues of femininity

10. Various Plants with Similar forms Penis
Peter poppers Red Hot Pepper

Phallus impudicus

Next is penis cactus, cactus variation in Bolivia

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